A woman enjoying Evanston online yoga classes at home.

Find Zen With These Evanston Online Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for peaceful at-home workouts, consider trying these Evanston online yoga classes. Offered by local studios, they consist of a range of sessions suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. When you’re ready to learn new poses, the best studios near our Evanston apartments include:

Heaven Meets Earth 

At Heaven Meets Earth, the mission is to support students in “self-reflection, personal growth, and overall well-being.” Founder Linda Faremouth Weber is a certified teacher who travels the world leading workshops and teacher training sessions. She enjoys sharing her passion and encourages everyone to make time for yoga. The studio offers an array of classes through Zoom. They include the stress-relieving Vinyasa Flow, which will leave you composed and relaxed.

Central Street Yoga 

Central Street Yoga helps everyone find inner peace through creative expression. Instructor Shana Marie Stitzel became a certified instructor years after beginning her yoga journey. She offers cheerful lessons, and her teachings encourage students to explore the depth of healing in every movement. Center Street provides an array of live-streaming sessions daily. If you’re new, try Gentle Yoga. Perfect for beginners, it features poses that strengthen muscles and counteract fatigue.  

Lighthouse Yoga 

Lighthouse Yoga focuses on integrating the “mind, body, and spirit to support both the individual and community.” Instructor Daniela Val started practicing yoga while pregnant with her first child. She believes that yoga should be accessible to everyone and strives to help students find who they are both on and off the mat. Try her level 1-2 Vinyasa class. It offers variations of classic postures with intelligent sequencing to keep you strong, clear, and calm. All recorded classes are donation-based. 

For more ways to enjoy working out at home, please visit our blog for ideas. Best of all, there’s a way to enjoy these Evanston online yoga classes in relative comfort. Contact us to schedule a tour of our grounds and find out how you can join our vibrant community!

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