friends enjoyin fondue

Enjoy Fondue Near Evanston at a Nearby Restaurant

Fondue originated in Switzerland generations ago after villagers realized that if they melted cheese with garlic, herbs, and wine and dipped their stale bread into the mixture, it softened the bread.  This let the villagers stretch their food during the hard winter months. Today, people enjoy fondue at restaurants across the United States as it’s […]

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friends cheers with coffee mugs at breakfast

Frida’s Breakfast and Lunch: A New Evanston Favorite

Any weekend that starts with brunch is sure to be a great weekend! And if you’re looking for the perfect spot to enjoy your brunch, you have to head to Frida’s Breakfast and Lunch, a new restaurant in Evanston. Serving breakfast and lunch only, they blend Mexican and American cuisines to create truly scrumptious dishes. […]

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couple enjoying dinner in beautiful restaurant

Visit One of the Most Beautiful Restaurants in Chicago

Did you know that some of the area’s best restaurants make waves with their food as well as their stunning decor? The city has some seriously stunning venues to show off if you know where to go. Here are a few of the most beautiful restaurants in Chicago. Bellemore  Firstly, at the Bellemore, Chef Jimmy […]

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