A Trio of Seasonal Creative Arts Events to Explore

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a hotbed of creative arts events near Evanston.

Due to nearby Northwestern University, our community is host to a number of unique exhibitions and performances. And they’re as entertaining as they are enlightening.

Here are a few February events that you won’t want to miss:

The 76th Annual Dolphin Show: Ragtime

Held this year at the Cahn Auditorium, this yearly performance showcases a unique play, Ragtime. Consequently, it takes place at the beginning of the last century.

It focuses on the entwining events of an Eastern European immigrant, a heartbroken Harlem piano performer, and an African American baby found prematurely buried in a garden.

Ragtime is an intelligent musical extravaganza about the American experience and its changes through time.

Performances held January 26 through February 3.

Dig This! Films By Dr. Hamid Naficy

In addition, on February 8 at the Block Museum of Art, a daring film exhibition will celebrate filmmaker and cultural professor Dr. Hamid Naficy. His films and writings explore feelings of the diaspora as he was born in Iran and fled after the Iranian Revolution. Consequently, his films tell stories of immigrants with deep personal feelings towards the country of their birth. So a variety of shorts will be shown in this exhibition like Salamander Syncope which is an early example of computer graphics in film.

Handel’s Esther: Music of the Baroque

Finally, the story of Queen Esther is the ancient tale of a young woman who, upon becoming Queen of Persia, saves her people through displays of timeless heroism. Needless to say, Handel’s Esther is a noteworthy example of the European Baroque period of classical music. The timeless period piece will be brought back to life in orchestra and chorus by conductor Jane Glover.

Performances held February 25 and 27.

For more details on creative arts events near Evanston be sure to contact us for more information.

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