Shop For Belgian Chocolates In Evanston

Once you’ve had great chocolate, generic drugstore chocolate is so much less appealing. If you’re ready to spoil your palate and treat yourself to the real deal, then make plans to visit Belgian Chocolate Piron.

This purveyor of high-end Belgian chocolate is one of the highest-rated chocolatiers in the area. In fact, they were mentioned in The Michelin Guide. The store is owned by brothers Bob and Fred Piron, who trained in Belgian with some of the most experienced chocolatiers in the world. Everything is made in-house with the best ingredients and care.

When you step into Belgian Chocolate Piron, you’re greeted by a long glass counter, beneath which you’ll see an assortment of chocolate goodies. Try some of the truffles, which come coated in either dark or milk chocolate. Their nougats and caramels are also supremely satisfying. They also offer a unique assortment of molded chocolates for each holiday, along with some chocolate-coated fruits. If you’ve never had chocolate-covered pineapple or chocolate-covered orange slices before, you must try some. Both are exquisite.

In addition to traditional chocolates, the shop also serves hot chocolate. It’s made in the European tradition with real chocolate, milk, and plenty of whipped cream on top.

Belgian Chocolate Piron is located at 509 Main Street in Evanston. This is only about a 5-minute drive from The Park Evanston Apartments, making it easy to stop in when you need a last-minute gift or sweet treat. Contact us if you’re looking for a new place to call home in Evanston.

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