blooming spring garden with stone path

It’s Time to Smell the Flowers at the Evanston Garden Fair

We’re finally thawing out with freezing weather no longer in the forecasts found on The Weather Channel. With spring finally in the air, many of us love the flowers that begin springing up and bringing beauty around our town.

Beautify Your Home and Support Community Beautification

On May 17 and 18, you can see a beautiful selection of “perennials, annuals, vegetable, and herb plants” at the Evanston Garden Fair, as found in the City of Evanston, to be held at Independence Park. What is extra special about this fair is that the funds help support “civic landscape and beautification projects throughout Evanston and provide grants to local schools and organizations for garden projects.”

Native Illinois Plants

Just in case you don’t know the plants that are indigenous to our state of Illinois, you can learn about five native plants at the Field Museum website. 

  • The spotted bee balm flowers make you think of Easter with their beautiful lilac, white and yellow colors.
  • The prairie docks would look like a sea of sunshine blowing with the breeze.
  • The swamp milkweed doesn’t sound beautiful, but they are beautifully dainty, and they are home for the Monarch butterflies to lay their eggs.
  • The fragile cardinal flower is a hummingbird favorite. In fact, hummingbird feeders are usually inspired by their bold, red color.
  • The maidenhair fern decorates gardens with subtleness. It also deters white-tailed deer.

Where Gardens Adorn Beauty and Grace

If you are not familiar with The Garden Club of Evanston, you will enjoy learning more about their gardens: Shakespeare Garden, Wildflower Trail Garden, and Evanston’s Butterfly Garden. Magical weddings happen all the time at the Shakespeare Garden. Peruse their flowers and enjoy some of the majestic plants of Evanston.

Roses are amazing, and we have the Merrick Rose Garden managed through the City of Evanston. The city makes it possible to rent out the garden for private events.

Spacious Apartment Homes to Adorn with Beautiful Flowers

In conclusion, The Park Evanston offers a unique lifestyle experience perfectly located in Evanston, Illinois. Come see our spacious layouts, which offer more than enough room to accent your space with beautiful plants and flowers. If you’re looking to move to Evanston, or you’re ready to experience luxurious living, come explore a whole new lifestyle.

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